Troy Reed Magnetic Motor – Power Your Car And Your Home For Free

By | 27 July 2017

The Troy Reed Magnetic Motor is considered one of many examples of magnetic motor expertise. Troy Reed was considered one of many lovers who tinkered away to develop his personal motor based mostly on zero level expertise – this permits for the manufacturing of energy from magnetism and has shattered the world of typical physics. On this article, I am going to let you know extra concerning the motor and Reed’s different innovations and the way you should utilize this expertise your self in order that you do not ever need to pay for an electrical energy invoice once more.

1994 – Attempt Reed Publicizes His Magnetic Motor To The World

Reed demonstrated his motor to the world in 1994. He claimed that it might generate 7 kilowatts of energy output which is greater than sufficient for the common family’s wants (three kilowatts).

In his demonstration video, he exhibits clearly that no wires are hooked up to the motor whereas the demonstration bulb stays lit. This may show that the bulb was not lit by way of another energy supply however was certainly being powered indefinitely by solely the motor itself.

The Surge Automobile

When Reed introduced his magnetic motor to the world, he defined that the 7-kilowatt output was ample to additionally energy an everyday car. He teamed up with Hollywood actor and environmentalist, Dennis Weaver, with a plan to showcase this to the world.

The Surge Automobile was able to speeds of as much as 85 miles per hour. Varied movies of it may be discovered on the web, with the motor becoming neatly into the engine compartment. Sadly, the challenge by no means gained any actual traction.

How Does Reed’s Magnetic Motor Work?

No one is aware of 100% exactly the design of Reed’s motor. Nonetheless, it’s no secret that it’s based mostly on magnetic motor/zero level expertise. Reed just isn’t the primary particular person to have produced working fashions of this expertise and he was additionally not that final.

Zero level physics says that the forces attributable to magnetism might be transformed into vitality. That is not like typical concepts on energy technology which normally require depletion of fuels.

Most magnetic motors require a kick-start of vitality to get them going. After this, the system is in a state of equilibrium – the frictional forces from the bearings and air resistance that usually sluggish a motor down are as a substitute balanced out by the repelling power of the magnets.

How To Make Your Personal Troy Reed Magnetic Motor

Sadly, business units are at the very least 5 years away. However the excellent news is that you could make your individual system at dwelling.

Reed’s motor, like many others, is unnecessarily over-complicated. As a substitute of attempting to repeat his design, you can be a lot better off with an easier model that may run reliably and with little upkeep.

If you wish to make your individual 7-kilowatt concept then a greater concept is to investing a small quantity (round $50) on a superb set of working, confirmed and dependable plans. These will help you rise up and operating in a couple of days in comparison with the extra standard months and years that pioneers equivalent to Reed and others have spent in attempting to provide you with a working resolution.


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