Whirlpool Washer Won’t Spin – How To Tell If It Is A Broken Motor Coupler

By | 9 August 2017

If the issue you’re having is that your Whirlpool prime load washer will not spin dry the garments, comply with this process to find out if the issue is a damaged motor coupler.

Set the washer on the common cycle, giant load and let it fill. After the washer fills to the chosen degree, the motor ought to begin and the agitator ought to begin agitating.

When you hear the motor working, however the agitator does not transfer in any respect, do the next. Cease the washer and set the timer on the spin cycle and let it run.

If the washer motor runs and the washer empties the water from the tank, nevertheless it will not spin, that is a sign that the motor coupler just isn’t turning the transmission in any respect.

The motor coupler is product of two items of plastic known as fingers and a tough rubber piece that goes in between the 2 fingers. One of many fingers is connected to the motor and the opposite finger is connected to the transmission. The had rubber spherical piece goes between the 2 fingers. When one of many plastic fingers breaks, the motor is not coupled to the transmission and the washer is not going to agitate or spin dry the garments. The explanation that the motor coupler breaks earlier than it ought to, it’s that the consumer overloads the washer. Individuals stuff the washer with an excessive amount of garments, huge comforters, small placer rugs, snickers, and many others.

Another excuse is that the washer is used every single day; usually the washer is used three occasions per week. So in case you have a washer that’s 5 years outdated and you utilize it every single day, it has the damage and tear of a washer that’s 10 years outdated.

Changing the motor coupler just isn’t arduous to do, when you see how the restore is finished. You’ll save not less than $100 by changing the motor coupler your self.

I hope this this info has been of assist to you in figuring out if the motor coupler is the issue when your Whirlpool prime load washer just isn’t spinning the garments dry.


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