How to Use a 5-Element Pagoda in Feng Shui

By | 23 August 2017

A 5-element pagoda is an vitality instrument of nice safety for the house, particularly if you know the way to make use of it correctly. For critical feng shui practitioners, it’s the first merchandise to be positioned within the house or workplace. Most individuals who’ve heard a bit bit about feng shui have a tendency to focus on the wealth facet; they have an inclination to buy a ‘cash toad’ after which surprise why it would not work. Feng shui is the examine of vitality (chi) motion by our dwellings and grounds. The energies are referred to as ‘auspicious’ and ‘inauspicious’. An analogy can be blood stream within the physique, the place the blood circulating from the guts carries oxygen and vitamins to the cells and the blood returning to the guts is deoxygenated and has waste merchandise needing to be carried out of the physique. Good chi carries constructive energies, good luck and well being. Waste chi is stagnant, poisonous and harmful. Each happen as a traditional course of residing within the third dimension. All of it circulates across the earth and generally the unhealthy, or inauspicious, chi is available in and wreaks havoc in our lives.

Some of the highly effective instruments to cease the inauspicious chi from damaging us is the 5-element pagoda. The 5 parts consult with earth, wooden, fireplace, steel, and water; these are represented by the 5 shapes of the pagoda. The commonest kind is about 5 inches tall, manufactured from hole brass that comes aside to disclose three sections. The highest bowl-shaped part can be utilized as an incense burner. The mid-section is a nifty factor to have in case the screw-on base slot will get misplaced contained in the pagoda (yeah, ask me how I do know that). The bottom has a threaded slot-you know, a kind of belongings you use a coin to turn-and is the entry used to fill the pagoda. There are particular gadgets that should be included inside; these enhance the protecting energy of the merchandise.

Whereas some gadgets positioned contained in the pagoda will be extra private, corresponding to issues which are thought of protecting by the proprietor, there may be one factor that should at all times be included: dust. A spoonful or two of dust from across the house or enterprise is used to ‘lock up the unhealthy chi’. The pagoda normally comprises a mantra of safety, incised into the brass, however together with a small scroll of the Ten Mantras of Safety can add a layer of safety. Stone chips, normally crystal, will be added, in addition to some type of grounding stone like hematite or tiger iron, pyrite or copper, within the form of spheres. Add a charged crystal and it is good to go. To cost the crystal, maintain it in your palms and focus on having it act as your guardian-program it to function a repellant to any destructive vitality. The ultimate step is so as to add a pink ribbon or tassel and set it in place, instructing it to henceforth be at all times on guard to guard the house and its occupants.

Placement of the 5-element pagoda varies in response to which college of feng shui one adheres to; the Flying Star college being my private favourite (for extra on this fascinating department of feng shui, see my earlier articles and web site). Putting the machine wherever the #5 Yellow Star of Misfortune resides for the yr (South-west in 2010) just about takes care of these errant energies that would trigger enormous issues in life. Since that specific star brings “sickness, damage and dying” it appears prudent to protect towards that. The 5-element pagoda is a useful little machine that packs a sufficiently big punch to knock these unhealthy energies proper out.

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