Practical Feng Shui – Debunking the Myths

By | 14 November 2017

A lot of the info that’s out there regarding Feng Shui is extremely over-simplified. It usually comes within the type of out-of-context japanese principals, blended in with fundamental inside design horse sense from the west, to kind a hybrid which Feng Shui analysts agree could be as dangerous as it’s useful. Feng Shui is extra than simply selecting sure colours, or “eliminating litter”, as many books and articles could have you consider. It’s truly a particularly complicated system of mathematical formulation that give extremely particular recommendation primarily based on the kind of house, its structure, and its time of development. There aren’t any easy solutions in Feng Shui, nonetheless there’s something we are able to be taught from the strategies the ancients used to derive these principals.

Actual Feng Shui is a system that has been evolving over 1000’s of years. The idea behind this design kind is the concept power or “chi” flows via every little thing. Feng Shui is an try to maximise the move of constructive chi via an area to learn the lives of the individuals inside that setting. Feng Shui is initially primarily based on the I Ching, an historic Chinese language textual content of mystical origins. Through the years successive colleges of thought have come to dominate this ornamental philosophy. As every new motion got here to energy, they refined the formulation and features of earlier colleges. On this ongoing means of refinement, each attainable association of objects was examined in opposition to quite a few individuals’s emotional and non secular response to them over 1000’s of years. These reactions allowed the ancients to slowly enhance their diagrams for the position of objects.

This historic mathematical formulation for laying out the design of a setting does appear to be a sound technique for bettering the standard of a room’s décor. Whereas this can be because of the ancients having decided the way in which chi flows, their actual accomplishment may as an alternative have been to develop a systemized mathematical illustration of a large scale, long run psychological research. Whereas making an attempt to find out the move of power, they could have as an alternative decided the essential principals of design that elicit constructive responses in people, by experimentally testing and recording peoples reactions to totally different object settings.

Actual Feng Shui is awfully particular, and sophisticated. The one method to do actual Feng Shui is both to change into a pupil of this artwork, and painstakingly be taught the numerous principals and subtleties it requires, or to rent knowledgeable to do an evaluation and work over of your own home. Both manner, use of this design fashion requires a big sacrifice, and is exterior the realm of most individuals’s money and time funds.

Nevertheless, Feng Shui does train us one thing that may be very helpful when adorning your own home. The traditional thinkers who developed this concept derived it by merely listening to the sensation of objects in several areas. It is a course of that each individual has it inside their energy to do. Everybody has style, everybody has emotions. By merely getting in contact together with your internal critic, you may change into the supply to your personal private Feng Shui. Regardless of how particular they have been, a Thinker from a thousand years in the past is just not going to grasp the non secular and emotional nuances of you, your loved ones, and your own home in addition to you do. Through the use of the technique quite than the formulation of Feng Shui, you may develop a extremely customized design that could be a true expression of your self.

Stroll right into a room, and see the way it makes you’re feeling. Discover the colours, the objects, and their placement. What do they evoke in you? Is the room comfy? Is it calming or invigorating? Possibly there’s something unsuitable within the room, even if you cannot inform precisely what it’s, register that feeling. In case you are attentive, you’ll begin to get delicate to the psychological influences that placement and design have by yourself thoughts.


Colours have very robust and particular person results on individuals. Totally different shades could have radically totally different outcomes on individuals’s psychological habits. Darkish colours can both be stress-free or miserable, gentle colours could be uplifting or annoying, and excessive colours could be exhilarating or aggravating. Take note of how these colours make you’re feeling. If you go to different peoples houses, and even their outlets or workplaces, take note of the impact that strolling right into a room has on you. Generally you’ll enter an area and really feel naturally relaxed. Different locations can have a adverse impact, making you’re feeling uncomfortable or agitated for no obvious cause. Keep in mind the colours and the shades of those rooms, particularly you probably have a very robust response to at least one.

Colours additionally have an effect on the character of interactions, and while you enter a brand new area you need to at all times take note of the way in which individuals behave to at least one one other. If there’s a room in your house the place individuals are likely to get into arguments, reassess the colours in that room. Shiny or excessive colours can irritate individuals’s eyes and improve their metabolism, making them extra prone to struggle. Darker rooms can put individuals in a foul temper and make them torpid. Coloration and placement aren’t the one issues that affect interactions, however by paying consideration you might be able to perceive the delicate affect it may have.


In conventional Feng Shui, the purpose is to maximise the move of constructive chi in an space. Whereas you’ll in all probability not be capable of detect the essence of the power of an area, you may improve the sensation of move in a room by listening to the way in which individuals and objects transfer via the area.

The move you need to obtain is within the essence of the room. You need there to be easy accessibility for individuals transferring via the room, in addition to out and in of it. You need objects to have the ability to transfer from their storage, into use, and again with out including to litter. This type of move is a mix of group and design that focuses on eradicating blockages and permitting straightforward motion via each space.

It is possible for you to to really feel whether or not a room has move simply by strolling into it. There are tiny currents of air that run via each area. We don’t usually discover these currents, nonetheless utilizing your instinct you may simply barely understand this air. The distinction between higher and lesser currents shall be translated into your thoughts as higher or lesser move. As at all times, make your self delicate to the subtleties of the area.


It is very important permit your self to be unsuitable. For those who do not make errors, you will not be taught something. Take note of emotional variations you’re feeling from inserting totally different decorations and colours in several areas. At a sure level, cease and easily exist within the room, remaining attentive to the texture of the area. Often, make small adjustments, and observe the emotional and interactive variations.

If you do not have the time or energy to always transfer furnishings and furnishings round, then attempt visualizing totally different eventualities. Sit someplace quiet, shut your eyes, and picture the room in a distinct fashion. Think about your self within the room, and attempt to incorporate each element within the room into the setting. Really feel how your feelings reply to such a setting. Take note of any issues it’s possible you’ll really feel. Permit your self entry to the unconscious of your thoughts, and belief its pure inclinations, as it’ll choose up on issues and options that you just will not consciously perceive. Use coloration charts and footage to assist with the creativeness course of.

Feng Shui is a really respectable type of inside adorning with a protracted and wealthy historical past. Nevertheless, it was initially primarily based on easy trial and error, as historic Chinese language thinkers explored the numerous totally different ways in which positioning and design can have an effect on essentially the most delicate workings of the human thoughts. As we speak you may attempt to recreate that technique, by experimenting with your self and your environment to provide a room that can have an effect on you and your loved ones in a constructive manner. Whilst you in all probability will not obtain the accuracy of the ancients in your first try, every attempt will educate you as to the fashion and design that suites you finest in addition to the way in which it impacts you. Exploring this additional can permit you a inventive outlet enabling you to get in contact with the very fundamental nature of artwork that exists inside you.

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