Protecting Your New Home From Termites

By | 9 October 2017

Termites could be a drawback in Australia. Simply the phrase can strike concern into the guts of any home-owner, and the very last thing a brand new home-owner needs to listen to is that they have a termite drawback. Eradicating the pests from a house as soon as they’ve constructed a colony is troublesome and finest left to professionals. However there are steps owners can take to forestall the bugs from taking on residence within the first place.

All About Termites

Termites are subterranean, small, whitish bugs that resemble ants. They eat wooden and are drawn to heat and humid circumstances, which is why they’re drawn to sure buildings in Australia. They’re most energetic between early spring and late summer season. Colonies might be as much as a number of million in quantity and have each a king and a queen who’re the one two that reproduce, however the queen can lay as much as 1,000 eggs a day. Australian species are essentially the most damaging on this planet, costing owners thousands and thousands of yearly in repairs and substitute.

Stopping Termites

One of the simplest ways to forestall these damaging pests from getting right into a home is to make the realm unattractive to them. You are able to do this in a number of methods:

* Take away the meals supply. Wooden is a meals supply for the bugs, so hold waste timber effectively away from the home. They’ve been identified to journey as much as 100m to get to a meals supply. They’re drawn to any form of wooden, even previous stumps or backyard decorations. Search for termite-resistant merchandise when constructing a house or including a wood construction to your yard. Wooden could also be handled to withstand the bugs or be one in all a number of naturally resistant hardwoods within the nation. Naturally resistant woods differ of their ranges of resistance however embrace: Pink bloodwood, Noticed gum, White mahogany, Australian cypress, and Jarrah. It’s particularly vital to make use of resistant or handled wooden near the soil floor or underground.

* Hold issues dry. Leaky pipes create a moist and humid surroundings, which the bugs love. Repair leaks and ensure the subfloors of the home are well-ventilated and drain correctly. Take away something that would create humid circumstances across the basis of the construction.

* Create boundaries. If they can not chew or transfer via it, they can not get in. Concrete is a superb barrier and is broadly utilized in new building to offer safety from the subterranean pests, however it may be exhausting to retrofit onto an older constructing. Steel and crushed rock can be utilized as a barrier too. Pesticides are an alternative choice, however these must be utilized by a licensed pest controller.

* Examine the house. Common inspections a couple of times a 12 months, throughout instances of heavy exercise like spring and summer season, will allow you to be taught what’s regular on your house and what’s not. This may also help owners determine areas which can be rotting or turning into weak, and even catch the invaders earlier than they do an excessive amount of injury.

What To Do If You Discover Termites

In the event you’re unlucky sufficient to seek out termites in or round your property, name an expert pest controller. They will be capable to decide if they are surely termites or if they’re another sort of insect, and so they can give you choices for removing.

Defending your new home from termites is not as intimidating because it sounds. Now that you already know what to search for – heat, wetness, and wooden – you’ll be able to take steps to maintain issues dry and head off issues earlier than they begin.


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