Refinishing A Parquet Floor: Sanding

By | 20 August 2017

Parquet flooring – round for the reason that Baroque period of 1625 to cowl a few of France’s most illustrious royal houses – would not must be the nightmare some have thought it will be to refinish. The primary concern lies with how the wooden grain in parquet flooring lies at ninety-degree angles from one sq. to the subsequent and the way sanding these squares have an effect on the grain.

Endurance is the Key!

The key to sanding parquet flooring in order that the grain would not turn out to be marred lies in persistence. That is proper – persistence. Most of us need to hurry up and get the job over and completed with. Renting a giant drum sander and making a couple of passes over the ground, swabbing on the stain, including polyurethane to guard every little thing, and growth… you are completed! However if you wish to obtain the perfect outcomes, persistence will have to be taken, in addition to some good, old style, onerous work.

Though drum sanders get the job completed quick, two potential issues exist in utilizing them. Primary, except you are an actual professional at utilizing one among these massive guys, you run the danger not solely of marring the grain of your parquet flooring, but additionally of truly making massive gouges within the wooden that no quantity of sanding can repair. The large orbital sanders you’ll be able to hire additionally pose this hazard, though they’re considerably simpler to regulate than the drum sanders.

Use Smaller Sanders for Higher Management, Much less Mud

As a substitute, one suggestion is to make use of a handheld orbital sander. The job make take you fairly a bit longer, however the potential for ruining your stunning parquet flooring by gouging it’s subsequent to nil. By sustaining a a lot better management over the machine, you too can do a greater job. These smaller sanders additionally produce much less mud, in order that’s one much less factor you will must deal with when doing this job.

Many include luggage (like a vacuum cleaner!) to catch the mud, so all you want do is periodically empty it. Smaller, three to Four-inch belt sanders can be used for the primary, open portion of the ground to hurry issues up a bit, however you will want to make use of the orbital for the sides and possibly even a paint scraper (hand instrument) to get the final vestiges of outdated end out of the corners.

Lower the Sandpaper Grit

One other tip to refinishing parquet flooring that has to do with persistence: Use sandpaper in reducing levels of grit for the best finishes. Relying on how dangerous your outdated flooring is, begin with a reasonably course grit, even perhaps 20 grit for deeply scratched flooring. For a median refinishing job, nevertheless, it is probably you can begin with 60-grit sandpaper. From there, transfer on to 100, then 150, and end the job with 120-grit sandpaper for a smooth-as-possible floor.

Stain, Polyurethane, Wax, or Oil

After sanding, the selection is as much as you whether or not to stain or not. You may then both apply polyurethane – three coats is suggested for the perfect outcomes – or, you might determine to go together with the straightforward software of tung oil or wax. You have received the onerous half, the sanding, out of the best way, so what you do subsequent is as much as you, however a very powerful factor to recollect is to take pleasure in that nice, new end in your terrific parquet flooring!


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